How To Write a Letter of Appreciation

How to Write a Letter of Appreciation.  A professional appreciation letter is written to show your deep gratitude to the recipient for all the good deeds and help he/she has done for you, particularly in your professional career. Writing an appreciation letter does not need to use flowery words. The letter also does not need to be lengthy. Just go directly to the point. Point out and acknowledge all the professional help that the recipient did for you and express your gratitude. Make your letter specific, short, concise, and sincere. Lastly, send the appreciation letter to the recipient as soon as possible.


Tips for Writing Appreciation Letters


Write as soon as possible.  Send your appreciation letter as soon as possible, so as the person you are thanking remembers you.


Keep it short. You do not need to go into great detail, just cover the main points why you appreciate what they did for you.  Express your gratitude sincerely, but briefly. Simply state how much you value the person’s help or their achievement.


Proofread.  Make sure you check for any errors.  You want to appear professional, even in an appreciation letter.


Consider the format.  Depending on the circumstances, formal or more personal, you will need to format your letter accordingly.


Having a good business letter format or letter template to guide you can be very helpful.





Examples of Letters of Appreciation.